miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2012

De sombrero paternal

¿Por qué desapareció el sombrero (el que da sombra) como prenda obligatoria del atuendo  masculino? '

It was the third of September
That day I'll always remember, yes I will
Cause that was the day, that my daddy died I never got a chance to see him Never heard nothin' but bad things about him
Momma I'm depending on you, to tell me the truth
Momma just hung her head and said, son
Papa was a rolling stone, 
Wherever he laid his hat was his home
(dondequiera que pusiera su sombrero ahí era su casa)
and when he died, all he left us was alone
1- corona, copa ; 2- ala; 3- banda, lazo; 4- tira de refuerzo

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